Pure New Zealand

An excerpt of an article I wrote for The Seek Society

When I look back on my childhood growing up in New Zealand I remember the weekend scenario of trying to pick which beach to visit, berry picking, volcano climbing, road trips South, visiting caves in search of stalactites and afternoons relaxing in natural thermal hot springs. I recall school trips we we’d pack a pillow and a sleeping bag and be taken to swing from trees, abseil down cliffs, ski down mountains, surf the rugged west coast and learn survival tips in the New Zealand bushland, usually ending in a night of camping with friends and eating skillet campfire cake. Let’s be honest, I’ve been pretty spoilt to have grown up in this lush environment but it wasn’t until I got a little older that I realised just how lucky I was to grow up in this magical country.

I was 9 when The Fellowship of the Ring came out but clearly remember the moment when I said to my parents “where is that in New Zealand?” when taking in the scenery. Like many, the Lord of The Rings trilogy documented this country in ways like I as a local had never seen before and since, I’ve become entirely captivated with finding these entrancing spots and seeking adventure.